12 evidence-based powerful anti-aging benefits of NMN

Evidence-based powerful anti-aging benefits of NMN


NMN supplement boosts up NAD+ in our body. NAD+ is a co-enzyme present in all living cells. An increase of NAD+ inside the call boosts energy production and DNA repair; and promotes cardiovascular health.Its levels fall with aging, and NMN supplements can replenish NAD+ and reverse aging process. 


Aging is a natural and unrelenting process, but no one likes it. For years, scientists have been looking for anything that could slow down or reverse the aging process. However, in recent years NMN has drawn much attention because of its powerful anti-aging effect.

Studies have shown that NMN supplement reverses aging process by increasing NAD+ level inside the body. NAD+ is a co-enzyme present in all living cells. An increase of NAD+ inside the call boosts energy production and DNA repair; and promotes cardiovascular health. Is it safe to use NMN supplements? What are health benefits of NMN backed by scientific evidence? In this article, you will learn 12 evidence-based powerful anti-aging benefits of NMN.

How does NMN reverse the aging process? 

Man wishes to live as long and young as possible. Could a pill rewind the clock of time? Have we got the fountain of youth? Boosting up the level of NAD+ helps us look younger and live longer.

How NMN reverse aging process

NMN provides the body cells with the active substance NAD+, an important substance that takes part in cellular energy production, DNA damage repair, and several important metabolic reactions. NAD+ is also the substance that several enzymes and proteins need to carry out their proper function in the body. The aging process involves the depletion of these highly efficient metabolic pathways. Supplementing with NMN is a great way to slow down the aging process.1,2 

Benefits of NMN supplement

Learn 12 evidence-based powerful anti-aging benefits of NMN.

NMN promotes healthy aging

NMN supplements promote healthy aging by increasing NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ activates certain signalling proteins called Sirtuins which have been linked to increased lifespan and overall health.

NMN raises the energy level

NMN speeds up the metabolism and converts the food into energy. It provides NAD+, which is a central metabolic substance of energy production in the cell. The NMN supplements raise your energy level within a couple of minutes by converting food into energy.3

NMN improves cardiovascular functioning 

The risk of cardiovascular diseases increases with age which is the leading cause of death worldwide. In research trials, NAD+ improved the age-related changes in arteries.4 NAD+ reduces the stiffness in blood vessels to control blood pressure and improve heart functioning.5

NMN regulates blood pressure

NMN can help control high blood pressure. It has a protective role in age-related decline in vascular health, particularly oxidative stress and stiffening of blood vessels.5,6

NMN protects brain cells

NAD+ plays a protective role in the brain cells. Within the brain cells, NAD+ plays a key role in the production of PGC-1-alpha protein which protects the brain cells from oxidative stress and damage. Without this protective mechanism, age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease develop.7–9

NMN helps in weight loss

NMN supplements provide NAD+, which has been experimentally predicted to speed up the metabolism and help in weight loss. If you are struggling with obesity, NMN supplements might help you.10

NMN improves vision

NAD+ can help control the symptoms of age-related chronic eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. Supplementing with NMN is a good way to boost up NAD+ levels to improve the symptoms of the above-mentioned eye diseases.12

NMN improves fertility 

Fertility aging refers to a decrease in the quality of female eggs and chances of getting pregnant with advancing age. Research has shown that NMN supplements can rejuvenate the quality of oocytes and restore fertility in aged women.13

NMN Improves metabolism

NMN supplements boost up your metabolism by providing active NAD+ which is an active component of several metabolic pathways of energy production. Decreased levels of NAD+ are linked to aging.1,14

NMN helps repair DNA damage

DNA replicates itself for every new cell production, and as you age, your cells become less efficient in repairing damaged DNA. Oxidative stress and many other factors are responsible for DNA damage. NMN supplements enhance your body’s ability to repair DNA and prevent cell damage.16

NMN enhances mitochondrial function

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, but the actual centre of digestion is NAD+. Without NAD+, mitochondria will be left without energy. NMN supplements can enhance mitochondrial function and boost energy production. 3

NMN promotes muscle endurance and strength

NMN supplements can help improve muscle function and endurance. In experimental studies, it showed that increased NAD+ levels improved muscular strength, function, and endurance.18,19


NMN is a precursor of NAD+, which has many important biological functions in our body. NMN has scientifically proven health benefits for the brain, heart, and muscles, cells and many more. Longevity Reinvented™ is made with world’s purest NMN, which will help you getting all the health benefits of NMN.

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